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The History and Popularity of Carrara Marble in Kitchen and Bathroom Design
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Carrara Marble, Luna marble to the Romans, is a blue-grey marble popular for sculpture and building decor. It has become a tile staple in its various styles and forms throughout the kitchen and bathroom industry, exploding into luxury homes and hotels worldwide. The Insta-worthy tile started to catch our eyes in the industry around ten years ago and seems ever more popular each year.

Although this tile is right on trend now, it has a deep routed history. The marble from Carrara was used for some of the most remarkable buildings in Ancient Rome, such as the Pantheon and The Column of Marcus Aurelius. It can also be seen on the Marble Arch in London.

The Carrara quarries have produced more marble than any other place on earth, but working the quarries has proven to be dangerous. In September 1911, a collapsing cliff face at the Bettogli Quarry crushed ten workers who were on lunch break under a precipice. A 2014 video made at a Carrara Quarry shows workers with missing fingers and workers performing hazardous, painfully noisy work who are not wearing protective gear of any kind.

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